Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elmo Birthday Invitations

Good evening everyone.  I just wanted to share a birthday party invitation sample I did for my sister-in-law.  She didn't ask me to do them so I'm not sure she is even going to like them but I just wanted to help her out a little bit in this area of the party planning.  Since I am still working on some favors and a scrapbook I wanted to go simple simple simple so this is what I did.  I got this idea from someone on youtube but I don't remember her name.  Hopefully she will like these for her son's first birthday.

Ok, so I just found out, my husband didn't get things straight.  He thought she wanted invitations but didn't really want to ask.  My sister-in-law told me right now, she had basic photo invitations made and just mailed them out yesterday.  She told me she wished she would have asked me before.  Oh well.  LOL

1 comment:

  1. How cute is this!!! I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding but I'm sure they won't go to waste, just tuck them aside for another time.